Based on the respected teachings of BKS Iyengar, one of the foremost leading exponents on yoga today, this style of yoga focuses on precision in postural alignment, specific sequences of asanas ( postures), utilises props for directional support  to enhance stability and function throughout all movements. Iyengar yoga helps to improve individual muscle imbalances, develops coordination through static movement and balancing postures, resulting in an overall increased awareness of your own body in space. This establishes better spinal stabilisation, increases better mobility and stability of the spine as well as improving cognitive functioning. Breath control (Pranayama), is another important component taught in Iyengar yoga,  this helps with relieving any tension (physical, mental, emotional), manages fatigue, calms the nervous system allowing for a deeper state of relaxation.


This class is suitable for all level of student and is a perfect complement to the other dynamic (yang) styles of yoga on our timetable. Yin Yoga is a static practice, gently targeting fascia, tendons and joints.  The postures are often held for up to 5 minutes and are all floor based. Props are used to support the postures to create space within the body and encourage and improve the energy flow often referred to as β€˜chi.’


Based on the principles of Iyengar Yoga, this class is a flowing sequence aiming to improve strength, flexibility, stability and cardiovascular fitness in a 1 hour integration of body, mind and spirit.


This class creates a space and the time to unwind from the busyness of life as you stretch the body gently, release tension and still the mind through mindfulness meditation.  The class is perfect for beginners to advanced who want to bliss out through a restorative and calming practice,  the class concludes with a light nourishing tea at the end which is optional.