Based on the respected teachings of BKS Iyengar, one of the foremost leading exponents on yoga today, this style of yoga focuses on precision in postural alignment, specific sequences of asanas ( postures), utilises props for directional support  to enhance stability and function throughout all movements. Iyengar yoga helps to improve individual muscle imbalances, develops coordination through static movement and balancing postures, resulting in an overall increased awareness of your own body in space. This establishes better spinal stabilisation, increases better mobility and stability of the spine as well as improving cognitive functioning. Breath control (Pranayama), is another important component taught in Iyengar yoga,  this helps with relieving any tension (physical, mental, emotional), manages fatigue, calms the nervous system allowing for a deeper state of relaxation.


This class is suitable for all level of student and is a perfect complement to the other dynamic (yang) styles of yoga on our timetable. Yin Yoga is a static practice, gently targeting fascia, tendons and joints.  The postures are often held for up to 5 minutes and are all floor based. Props are used to support the postures to create space within the body and encourage and improve the energy flow often referred to as ‘chi.’


Hatha is classical Yoga, more traditional in form.  This class offers a set of yoga asanas (postures), to stretch and strengthen, sun salutation variations to warm the body and pranayama (breathing exercises), linking body and mind. This class offers beginner to moderate options for greater postural awareness, mindfulness and a gentle path to let your inner tensions go.


Based on the principles of Iyengar Yoga, this class is a flowing sequence aiming to improve strength, flexibility, stability and cardiovascular fitness in a 1 hour integration of body, mind and spirit.


This class is a beautiful blend of still floor based postures that create space for the body to soften and release, breath work and mindfulness to calm the nervous system building into a gentle Hatha class including standing postures to build strength and stability and ends with a calming savasana. This class is not suitable for pre natal students.


Yoga improves balance, increases flexibility, enhances your breath and brings spatial awareness to every part of your body.  Surfers need endurance, paddle strength, focus and commitment to prevent injury and maximise performance for both the recreational and elite level surfer.  The yoga for surfers class at Shellharbour is a dynamic approach to your yoga practice and the objectives are to increase your strength by optimizing your muscle control, lengthening chronically short muscles so your agility and precision comes back for bigger performance and domination on each wave. These classes will help you manage injuries, such as rotator cuff tears, knee injuries, neck issues and chronic lower back pain.

Learning to increase your lung capacity you will be able to  handle being held down for longer periods after a heavy wipeout and learn to stay calm in these conditions. Surfing and yoga go extremely well together physically, mentally and spiritually.  These classes help build you a stronger body and clearer mind, keeping you functionally fit for your next session in the water. You will never have to hang your board up and forget that thrill that only a surfer truly understands.


This class will introduce you to stilling the fluctuations of the mind, become aware of your breath and engage with the present moment.  Mindfulness is a practice in which we can learn to rise above our thoughts, helping to calm the body and mind into a state of being, rather than being in a constant state of doing.  Mindfulness in meditation is a sense state of all that is, being everything around and inside you, including your thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness is available to us every moment and cultivates the mind, helping us learn to break down and change our conditioned responses.


Peter Bajic intuitively works with Reiki, Body Tuning Forks, singing bowls and other Sound Healing instruments, to tune into the vibrational frequencies related to emotions and trauma that have been stored, perhaps since birth, replacing them with positive vibrations more conducive to healing, harmony and balance.  Peter is passionate about the energies within and around us, and how they can easily affect our emotions and wellbeing. The challenges of life can throw us out of balance, out of tune, causing stress and a lack of energy.  Reiki combined with sacred sounds can induce a state of peace and calm, cleansing and balancing from within, promoting health and vitality. Please email reachconnie7@gmail.com for bookings and enquires (Classes are run by the therapist independently at Life Energy)


Kids Yoga classes include fun games and stories to make Yoga accessible to all ages. Yoga teaches kids social skills, anxiety management, focus, self-esteem, healthy choices, motor skills, and values. Kids Yoga gives children the tools to deal with all that life brings with grace and ease. If every child were to practice Yoga, imagine how amazing the world would be for the next generation! Please email loren@kutumbafamilyyoga.com for bookings or enquiries (Classes are run independently by the teacher at Life Energy). 



This class creates a space and the time to unwind from the busyness of life as you stretch the body gently, release tension and still the mind through mindfulness meditation.  The class is perfect for beginners to advanced who want to bliss out through a restorative and calming practice,  the class concludes with a light nourishing tea at the end which is optional.