Clive Farrelly

Dr Clive Farrelly received his Masters of Chiropractic in 2012 and is a dedicated Iyengar yoga teacher and practitioner, which has been his main passion for the last 20 years.  He travels to India often and studied with the late BKS Iyengar, who is known as the world’s most respected and leading exponent on yoga to date.

Clive teaches Iyengar yoga every year in the Czech Republic to the physiotherapists of Motol (Prague city hospital).  His success and collaboration with the physiotherapist in Europe has given Iyengar yoga therapeutics a definite role in treating future patients in need of rehabilitation at all levels.  Clive’s deep understanding and appreciation of yoga and indeed holistic Chiropractic care, keeps him focused on helping people to embrace their own health, so that the body and mind has the infinite capability to heal from the inside out.


Rachael Storrie

YogalatesTM Trainer, Purna Yoga Teacher, Insight Yin Yoga, Prenatal & Mindful Stillness Based Meditation Facilitator - Level 2 Teacher Registered with Yoga Australia

Rachael first started practicing yoga during her pregnancies and enjoyed the many benefits of pre-natal yoga. Rachael trained under John Ogilvie, Byron Yoga Centre, and became a qualified teacher in Purna Yoga. Furthering her studies with Yin Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Yogalates and Mindfullness (MBSM at the Gawler Institute, Victoria). Her studies has given Rachael an in depth appreciation to care for various ages, nurturing the mental health of each individual enabling you to feel safe and supported in body and mind.


Shontelle Hannigan

Shontelle is a qualified 350hr Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Australia. Shontelle completed her studies with My Health Yoga and has also gained certification in Kids Yoga, Postnatal and Mum’s n Bub's. Shontelle practices yoga because it helps her honour who she is. It's not about flexibility or how long you can hold a handstand. It's about discovering and connecting to your personal truth. Shontelle's passion is to share yoga with as many people, from different backgrounds, ages and abilities.  Each age group can gain what they need from yoga through gentle movement or meditation. Shontelle likes to think of her classes as moving meditations.




Loren Jackson

Loren has been practising Yoga since 2002 and the practice completely transformed her life. She found almost immediately many unhealthy habits just started to slip away, leaving her feeling more energetic and less fearful around taking control of her life.

Loren trained with Bodymindlife in Power Vinyasa Yoga shortly before becoming a Mum and through her experience of using her practice throughout pregnancy and birth, as well as seeing the experiences of other parents, she became passionate about ensuring those in this life stage had access to Yoga. Loren has now expanded her trainings to pre/post natal, Baby Yoga, Kids Yoga and working towards Yoga Synergy certification.





Connie Leimbach

YogalatesTM Trainer

Connie's first taste of yoga was in a small country town hall once a week.  Then over the years her practice became intermittent with other forms of exercise.  She reached a time in her life when instead of feeling energised by rigourous exercise she was feeling exhausted and worn out. Connie moved to Gymea and found Body Awakenings, which helped her broaden her appreciation of functional yoga movements with a core focus. In 2016 Connie graduated from Yogalates teacher training and loves to share her passion through her unique understanding of caring for the body in a holistic way. She feels yoga is a path for anyone, no matter what age; starting out as a beginner or those who practice regularly. 



Peter Bajic

Healing Sound Journey Meditations

Peter intuitively works with Reiki, Body Tuning Forks, singing bowls and other Sound Healing instruments, to tune into the vibrational frequencies related to emotions and trauma that have been stored, perhaps since birth, replacing them with positive vibrations more conducive to healing, harmony and balance.
Peter is very passionate about the energies within and around us, and how they can easily affect our emotions and wellbeing. The challenges of life can throw us out of balance, out of tune, causing stress and a lack of energy.  Reiki combined with sacred sounds can induce a state of peace and calm, cleansing and balancing from within, promoting health and vitality.